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Boden - Clothing and accessories. Good quality clothing in bright fabrics for all the family. Very useful product reviews and measurements to make online shopping a breeze!
Richmond Trousers Green Women Boden, Green
75 GBP
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Microfleece Joggers Khaki Boys Boden, Khaki
22 GBP
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Rachel Knitted Tee Red Women Boden, Red
48 GBP
38.4 GBP
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Boden 4 out of 5 stars

Location: UK

Reviewed by: Katie, Tue Sep 13 2011

Well made clothes but sometimes the colours on the website are not quite the same as the clothing colours when they arrive. A bright pink sweatshirt my sister bought turned out to be salmon pink when it arrived. Read the reviews on the Boden website for a little extra information about the clothes before you buy.
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