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Speedplay Zero Chromoly Pedals   Clip-in Pedals
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Information about Speedplay Zero Chromoly Pedals Clip-in Pedals: These pedals provide 0-15° of adjustable free float, which can be fine-tuned to suit your riding style, pedalling motion and foot placement on the pedal. Most other pedal designs in the world of cycling allow either a pre-set amount of float or no float at all. The Speedplay Zero design enables you to optimise your performance output, your level of comfort and will dramatically reduce knee stress, which is especially noticeable on longer rides. Dual-Sided Entry For Simple, Hassle-Free Engagement Another invaluable feature is the dual-sided entry, which means you can just step down on the pedal and go. No more fumbling or looking down to get into the right position, as the cleat’s design and pedal’s shape ensure that you’ll engage quickly and safely without having to stop and think. 3-way Float Adjustment Unlike traditional cleats, each of the essential foot positioning adjustments can be changed without affecting each other. This ensures you can set up the cleat’s fore/aft and side-to-side positions individually and then choose how much float you want too. Walkable Cleat Covers These Zero pedals come with Speedplay's rubberised cleats, which make those off the bike periods less dangerous if your bike's mechanical problem forces an extended walk on the tarmac, or if you feel the need for a coffee stop! Large, Stable Pedalling Platform The Zero Pedal System provides the same solid connection as conventional single-sided pedals, but with Speedplay's unique, inverted design the cleat provides the platform once the cleat in engaged. Quality Without Compromise  Zero pedals use precision cartridge and needle bearings - three of them instead of two found in most other pedals - which allows the Zero to be thinner for a lower stack height, better cornering clearance, and reduced aerodynamic drag. Like all Speedplay Pedal Systems, the locking edges of Zero pedals and cleats are metal-on-metal for durability and safety, unlike competitors who use engagement edges made of plastic. True Locking Mechanism  The Zero's locking mechanism does not rely on spring tension for security, so entering and exiting Zero pedals is easy, but unintended release is virtually impossible.

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