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Atomic SV2 Snorkel - Black/Blue
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Information about Atomic SV2 Snorkel - Black/Blue: The Atomic SV2 is the brand new snorkel from Atomic, it features Scupper Valve. The Scupper Valve inside the SV snorkel series works in the same way as the Scupper Valve on a boat. An internal tube located inside the main snorkel body retains a small one way Scupper Flap Valve that allows water to flow past the mouthpiece and out the purge valve, without collecting at the bottom of the breathing passage. The diver simply exhales a small burst of air to clear any water trapped below the mouthpiece, keeping the internal tube airway dry. It's so simple and so effective. The Scupper Valve (SV) design is self-draining and delivers crisp, effortless clearing. Posi-lock flex retainer secures flex section and mouthpiece. Dual silicone mouthpiece prevents over-clenching of teeth that would restrict air flow. Rotational mouthpiece with ratchet indicators. The SV2 combines the Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek looking SV2 Semi-Dry top. The SV2 Semi-Dry top horizontal vents diffuse splashed water that would normally freely enter the snorkel top. The small gaps between the vanes of the vent restrict water speed and droplet size and permit most of the splashed water to exit the special vents without entering the breathing tube. Thus you get less water in your snorkel. The SV2 is the perfect answer for rough or choppy water conditions. Quick disconnect snorkel keeper includes 30 degree rotation. Sliding snorkel keeper range adjuster allows for accurate placement without constant re-adjusting each dive. Atomic Aquatics' international and award winning styling team makes the SV1 and SV2 high performance snorkels something you would be proud to use.

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