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About Pet Shop Bowl
PetShopBowl - Our rapidly expanding company offers over 10,000 products for animal lovers, including food and accessories for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and small pets.

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International Postage Information

We also offer International Delivery. We can ship to the following countries: Country Shipping Cost Per 30kg Parcel Austria 5.07 Belgium 4.50 Bulgaria 15.62 Czech Republic 4.86 Denmark 5.67 Estonia 9.33 Finland 13.50 France 5.50 Germany 4.00 Greece 22.50 Hungary 5.82 Italy 9.08 Latvia 8.26 Lithuania 7.50 Luxembourg 5.50 Netherlands 4.50 Norway 15.85* Poland 6.50 Portugal 9.77 Romania 14.50 Slovakia 6.03 Slovenia 4.22 Spain 7.50 Sweden 8.50 Switzerland 6.12*
*Plus a 25 Customs Charge for orders from Norway and Switzerland.


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