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Information about New Musical Express By Mark Vessey: Mark Vessey is a contemporary photographer and print maker whose compulsion for collecting has propelled him into the world of art. Forget the raw chaos of paint flecks on the canvas: as Vessey explains "my work is about trying to establish an order" - and what a beauty there is in the order that his camera captures. Collecting everyday objects, Vessey's eye is perfectly tuned to the symmetry and tonality in a well structured collection. It's a new take on Pop-Art's obsession with consumerism - a twenty-first century approach to converting the banal into fine art - and one that works to exceptional success. 'New Music Express' depicts a stack NME magazines, their black and red spines piled in neat regularity. There's a striking minimalism to the piece, but an unavoidable beauty in the simplicity of clean lines and harmonious palette. The result? Visually high-impact, conceptually thought-provoking, and exceptionally well ordered.

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