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Information about Lion Cub - Diamond Dust - By Dave White: Dave White is an award winning British artist, working at the forefront of contemporary fine art. With a fresh approach to the traditional paint-to-canvas medium, White uses oil and watercolour to create works that are filled with expression, emotion and dynamism. Known for his animal series', White captures creatures from the natural world with astonishing vividness, exploiting colour, texture and tonality to generate a unique aesthetic. A baby lion sits at the centre of the print, gazing innocently out towards the viewer. Using thick, dynamic brush strokes, adding flecks and paint splatters, and allowing the pigment to course down the paper in thin, fluid lines, White builds figurative realism through layers of textured abstraction, capturing the presence and vitality of the young lion cub with astonishing prowess. ONLY 2 LEFT IN STOCK

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