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Information about Guardians - Original By Kate Knight: Kent-based artist Kate Knight is known for her provocative artworks, each one playful with a deliciously dark twist. Figurative imagery of birds, beasts and botany, belies an undercurrent of sex and death, mixing memory with desire, for an unforgettable contemporary aesthetic. Part of 'The Outcast' series, 'Guardians' depicts two wolves, guarding the tree of knowledge, where a pulsating red heart - reminiscent of the Biblical forbidden fruit - sits at its centre, pumping life through all of nature. Flirtatious hummingbirds flutter to distraction, while a carpet of Inky Cap Mushrooms sprout at the base of the tree, edible until their poisonous, inky droplets appear: a beautiful allegory for the gossamer line between art and nature.

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