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Shop for Cayin CS 30TCR Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable by Cayin from Advanced MP3 Players

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Cayin CS 30TCR Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable

Information about Cayin CS 30TCR Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable: Cayin CS 30TCR Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable Designed by Cayin to offer true transmission fidelity the CS-30TCR cable is perfect to expand your Cayin players functionality. The coaxial cable has been designed to expand the connectivity of your DAP by providing a USB-C to RCA connection for use with various systems. Compatible with the Cayin i5 and all forthcoming Cayin DAPs with USB Type-C connection. Transmission With Fidelity Cayin have designed the CS-30TCR cable with 5 layers in order to provide true transmission fidelity. A 99.5% solid core OFC conductor is surrounded by 5 separate layers to offer the best shielding. Despite the many layers protecting the core cable it is still flexible and can turn up to 30 degrees without causing any significant stress to the cable. The CS-30TCR cable features a 24K gold-plated RCA connector which is durable and offers high conductivity. Features Type-C to RCA Coaxial Cable specially designed for Cayin DAPs High performance low loss high bandwidth 75ohm cable Double Shield for interference free connection 24K gold planted RCA connector

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