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Briantos Adult Fit & Care - Economy Pack: 2 x 14kg
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Information about Briantos Adult Fit & Care - Economy Pack: 2 x 14kg: Briantos Protect + Care Adult is a tasty, gluten-free dry dog food which is suitable for all adult dogs that are gluten intolerant. It uses a reduced amount of ingredients and does not use grain with gluten. It has just one source of animal protein. The Briantos Protect + Care Adult dry dog food range helps to keep your dog healthy and provides your pet with a balanced diet, even if your dog suffers from nutritional sensitivities. Briantos Fit & Care is made using only top quality, wholesome ingredients. It does not contain genetically modified ingredients and only uses meat which is suitable for human consumption. All ingredients undergo a rigorous inspection before they are processed and the finished product is regularly subjected to strict controls. This guarantees your dog always gets a tasty meal of consistently high quality. Briantos Adult Fit & Care is ideal for fully grown dogs of all breeds and is well accepted, especially by dogs with sensitive digestive systems. Briantos Adult Fit & Care gluten-free dry dog food at a glance: Very well accepted: Rich in tasty poultry meat which is well tolerated and easy to digest Only contains poultry: Single source of animal protein so it is ideal for dog with food intolerances. Gluten-free: This recipe is completely gluten-free. It does not use grains which contain gluten such as wheat, oats or barley Low allergenic: Made with rice and maize which both have a low allergy potential Optimal nutrient profile: It provides your dog with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals which help to support your dog’s well-being Skin & fur: Rich in essential fatty acids and trace elements such as easily absorbed zinc chelates (organic zinc compounds) and copper which all support supple skin and glossy fur Very tasty: The balanced recipe takes all nutritional aspects into account and uses international guidelines. The reduced amount of ingredients ensure this food is suitable for dogs with food intolerances Made in Germany: Stringent quality standards and controls guarantee a consistent high quality Additive-free: No soya, synthetic antioxidants, artificial colours, aromas and preservatives The Briantos Protect + Care Adult range was created for dogs with gluten and other food intolerances. It provides your dog with a tasty meal at a great price. The packaging is re-sealable so the kibble stays fresh and full of taste. Briantos Protect + Care Adult is a complete dry food for adult dogs and is available in the following sizes: 3kg and 14kg.

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