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Boiled Sweets Selection Jar
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Information about Boiled Sweets Selection Jar: Boiled Sweets Selection Jar - A jar of assorted wrapped old favourites with a selection which will vary but is likely to include Aniseed Twists, Acid Drops, Chocolate Limes, Blackcurrant amp; Liquorice, Fruit Rock, Fruit Bonbons and stacks more... they`re brilliant! We choose the sweets to make sure that there is a really good selection - and we cram in as many as we can. Officially we say that the sweets weigh about 2.0kg - but really they may weigh a fair bit more (depending on the selection)! Oh, and the jar measures 20cm x 14.5! - Qty In Order: 1 jar of approx. 2.0kg

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