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Information about 288Hz - Sacrum By Lauren Baker: Lauren Baker is a multidisciplinary British artist, whose work explores the fragility and intensity of life. With a focus on energy, Baker's work uses neon lights to express positive messages and mantras. Using her own handwriting, Baker skilfully shapes tube lights in an array of fluorescent colours, to shine a light onto our connections to life, love, and happiness. '288Hz - Sacrum' forms part of Baker's 'Colour of Energy' series, which visualises the seven, yogic chakras: Crown; Third Eye; Throat; Heart; Solar Plexus; Sacral; Root. For these immersive artworks, process is key: to produce each piece, Baker entered a meditative state, by listening to the sound-frequencies of the chakras while working; and the result is nothing short of electric. For 'Sacrum', rings of warm, pink and indigo light emanate from a dazzling, diamond dust orb, capturing and distilling the colour of energy into the printed form with unparalleled prowess.

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