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Holland & Barrett
Shipped from UK
Holland & Barrett
Holland & Barrett - Online health products.
Ibiza Superfoods Mixed Root Maca Powder 250g
17.99,GBP GBP
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Treets Bath Ball Disco Bath 170g
2.95,GBP GBP
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Ekia Organic CrA
42.99,GBP GBP
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Health Spark Garcinia Cambogia Complex 60 Capsules
24.99,GBP GBP
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Burt's Bees Lip Balm Coconut and Pear
3.99,GBP GBP
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Holland & Barrett 5 out of 5 stars

Location: Italy

Reviewed by: debs73, Thu Jan 28 2016

I regularly make an order and have it sent to Italy. Although recently there have been mix ups in the order, Holland & Barrett customer service is good and they will send/replace items. The cost of delivery is reasonable if you are buying food and drink. I buy big bags of muesli which are very expensive in Italy.
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