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Volo Race - Blue 46/47
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Information about Volo Race - Blue 46/47: The Mares Volo Race fins offer A combination of the exclusive and patented OPB and Channel Thrust systems, for a full-foot fin that fears no rivals. High performance with minimal exertion, maximum comfort and exceptional light weight - a combination that makes diving more enjoyable. Orthopedic foot pocket in soft thermoplastic rubber for maximum efficiency and unparalleled comfort. OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) system with expandable inserts for controlling and optimizing the thrust angle. Channel Thrust Technology for perfect routing of the water flow. Rubber covered stabilizers and ribs, provide improved performance. These full foot fins can be worn with barefeet, for a more comfortable and warmer dive you can wear the Fourth Element Finsock which reduce the chance of blisters, allergic reactions, cutting feet entering/exiting the water and having cold feet when you're in the water. Specifications Type: full foot-pocket Operating principle: OPB system (patented), Channel Thrust Technology (patented) Material: thermoplastic rubber technopolymers Blade: (e.g. 42/43) length: 39 cm / 15.5 in, thrust area: 730 cm2 / 113 in2 Maximum weight taken from size 46/47 - 1.64kg

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