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POC Joint VPD Air Knee Armour   Body Armour
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Information about POC Joint VPD Air Knee Armour Body Armour: The lightweight Joint VPD Air Knee is a light-duty knee pad developed for riders who want a pad that offers excellent protection while also giving enhanced flexibility, ventilation and freedom of movement so they can concentrate on picking the best lines not on their uncomfortable pads. If you do take an unfortunate slam then you'll appreciate the shock absorbing qualities of the VPD armour. Jump back on and keep pushing! The elastic strap and neoprene anti-slip material ensures a comfortable fit, even in rough riding conditions, helping prevent slippage as you ride. Visco-Elastic Polymer DoughVPD is used throughout POC's body armour range to offer extreme impact absorption, allowing a lightweight and comfortable approach to cycling protection. VPD's flexible nature means that it will shape to your body, creating an unparalleled fit that is truly customised. The material hardens during impact, so the flexibility doesn't come at the cost of protection. VPD is able to maintain a high absorption level where other protection garments may see effectiveness drop after every knock. This means that POC's body armour gives you long lasting effectiveness for consistent protection so it doesn't let you down when you need it most. Delivering anatomical and ergonomical fit means a fantastic level of comfort that results in a huge amount of free movement that more rigid materials can't offer. VPD also offers great ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable when you're riding hard.

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