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Holland & Barrett Vitamin D3 100 Tablets 10ug
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Information about Holland & Barrett Vitamin D3 100 Tablets 10ug: 10ug (400 IU) of Vitamin D per tablet - 200% of the Nutritient Reference ValueA UK government commissioned report states everyone over age of 1 should have a daily 10ug intake of Vitamin DVitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones & teeth & normal immune system functionA 2016 UK government commissioned report says that everyone over the age of one should have a daily intake of 10ug of Vitamin D per day to protect bone and muscle health. This can mean supplementing, particularly during autumn and winter.Vitamin D3 is produced in our bodies underneath our skin as a reaction to sunlight exposure. Other natural sources of Vitamin D include salmon, mackerel, sardines, milk, eggs and liver.As well as having a role in process of cell division, Vitamin D helps contribute to several important functions in the body. It contributes to:The maintenance of normal bones and teethThe maintenance of normal muscle functionThe normal function of the immune system, helping your body fight off infectionThe absorption/utilisation of Calcium and PhosphorusNormal blood calcium levels

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