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FiiO X1ii Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player Colour RED

Information about FiiO X1ii Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player Colour RED: Fiio X1ii Portable High Resolution Lossless Music Player The updated and upgraded FiiO X1II offers many new features and a new modern look. The X1II now has Bluetooth functionality that you previously had to spend a considerable amount more to get. It is available in 3 colours (Black Silver and Rose Gold) and can support an SD card up to 256GB. It is 15% less thick than the X1 4% less wide and 4% lighter too. Comprehensive improvement of hand feel starting from the touch wheel By studying and comparing dozens of designs and through hundreds of experiments and tests we have finally developed the unique FiiO touch wheel with higher sensitivity enhanced reliability and longer service life. Bluetooth 4.0 One of the biggest updates to the FiiO X1ii is the addition of Bluetooth functionality. Based on the F1C81 chip set Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to easily enjoy your favourite artists with reduced latency and high sound quality with your wireless earphones or speakers. The addition of Bluetooth means that you are not hindered by wires when on the move making the X1ii even more portable than its predecessor and perfect for use in the gym. Also the X1ii can accept incoming Bluetooth signals too meaning it works with FiiOs RM1 Bluetooth Remote (sold separately). New Deep-sleep Standby The FiiO X1ii battery capacity provides up to 12 hours of continuous music playback. The new Deep-sleep function allows instant-on playback and will help to save your battery when not in use; the FiiO X1 ii will remain on standby for up to 15 days. More Memory More Music The FiiO X1 ii does not include any internal memory allowing users to provide the required memory by micro SD card. Supporting cards up to 256GB the X1 ii can truly carry all ...

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