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FiiO AM2A AMP Module for X7

Information about FiiO AM2A AMP Module for X7: FiiO AM2A AMP Module for X7 AM2A is the official MOD (modified) version based on a popular un-official MOD version of the AM1. It utilises the combo AD8620 + AD8397ARDZ as its operational amplification. The voltage supply of AM2A is the same as that of the AM2A. The AM2A offers a balanced smooth sound signature. It is textured in the high-mid frequency clear and analytical in resolution and rich in low frequencies. Overall the AM2A offers a well-controlled sound. Using the screwdriver included in the accessories to unscrew the T5 and exchange the headphone amplifier module (although the X7 is protected it is still advised to turn the player off completely before changing amp modules). Features Official FiiO Modified AM1 Amplifier Unit 7.5 hours+ Playback time Easy changeable unit

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