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Etymotic ER3-SE Earphones (Studio Edition)

Information about Etymotic ER3-SE Earphones (Studio Edition): Etymotic ER3-SE Earphones (Studio Edition) True reference listening with the Etymotic ER3-SE Studio Edition earphones that provide the most accurate sound in its class. Etymotic ER3-SE are equipped with single high-performance balanced-armature drivers that have been tuned to deliver a large sound spectrum with natural and flat frequency response. Able to unearth all subtleties of the sound Etymotic ER3-SE convey natural and unblemished sound that matches the original recording. This makes the ER3-SE perfect for listening to lossless high-fidelity music files with a critical ear either for professional recording artists or discerning audiophiles. Etymotic ER3-SE are a must have for discerning engineers audiophiles and consumers wanting the most accurate in-ear earphone available. Easy replacement and customisation of the detachable cable makes the ER3-SE a highly versatile earphone. Clean and clear sound nothing else. No compromise high-performance noise-isolating earphones that deliver best-in-class benefits and superior value perfectly matched to the latest product innovations from most music players that support a 3.5-mm stereo phone plug. With 35 dB - 42 dB of noise isolation these earphones have some of the highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market today. Studio Edition Natural and unblemished sound with a flat response makes the ER3-SE ideal for critical listening for professional recording engineers and audiophile listeners. Without enhancements to any particular frequency range the ER3-SE bring out only genuine sound. Pioneering Technology Etymotic earphones were the first earphones commercialised using balanced armature driver technology and are recognized as the world leader in response accuracy to which all other earphones are compared. Advanced Isolation Providing the highest noise isolation of any earphones or headphones on the market today Etymotic ER3-SE include an assortment of noise-isolating foam and silicone eartips options to ensure the right seal and comfort levels. Technical Specs Frequency Response - ...

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